Prif Brand

What we believe in :

  • Accessories that do not need accessories. Everything you need to kick off your gaming experience is in the box. If we say it work’s on PC, then it has the right cables; if it won’t plug and play with a particular format then we won’t claim it on the box.
  • What it does, not how it looks. Every prif accessory starts with a technical brief. Not a shiny render, not a vague stream of buzz words. Instead we work on a list of features that we think gamers will appreciate and then propose how we can deliver them technically. Only then do we wrap them in materials (and we think rather nice materials too).
  • Making it simple. We think carefully about how the gamer wants to connect, how they use their devices and how we can help them enjoy them more. Coloured connectors, good manuals, online support. Some may call it dull, but we like it much more than confused customers.
  • Quality at the right price. Prif won’t be the cheapest, it won’t be the most expensive. It will be the right price for the technology it delivers.