PlaySonic 3, Amplified Stereo Headset

New generation gaming demands outstanding sonic performance and this is best delivered by an amplified gaming headset. The PlaySonic 3 adds depth and punch to the bass whilst ensuring the treble sounds crisp and clear. Combined with a microphone that uses noise exclusion technology, this headset is the perfect audio partner for the gaming enthusiast. Providing features and detailing seen on much more expensive headsets, the PlaySonic 3 is a must-have purchase product for those people trying to squeeze the last decibel from their new gen gaming experience.


  • Built-in battery delivers bass boost and crisp treble highs.
  • Uni-directional mic that captures voice signals and eliminates clutter.
  • Inter-changeable and removable boom mic
  • Sleek inline controls for volume and mute
  • Includes 1.2m audio extension cable for PC gamers
  • Can still operate as a passive headset for leisure use when the battery not in use